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2022 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary Ian Happ #160 Prism Refractor Chicago Cubs

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This is an impressive 2022 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary Ian Happ #160 Prism card of the Chicago Cubs. The card is made of high-quality card stock material and features a chrome finish with a 1953 Topps retro rookie design. The card is a standard size, with a thickness of 20 pt and is an insert set card of the Prism Refractor variety. The card is an excellent addition to any baseball fan's collection and is a perfect sports trading card. The card does not include any autographs, but it is still an outstanding card. It is manufactured by Topps, a reputable card manufacturer, in the United States, with English language descriptions. The card has all the features of a fantastic trading card, and it is perfect for collectors who want to add a rare card to their collection.

NameIan Happ
VarietyPrism Refractor
Card Number160

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