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“The Ultimate Scoop”10 scoops = $125

10 Available
$125.00 + shipping & taxes

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Floor: $15, Ceiling: $30, Average: $23, 30 total Floor: $15, Ceiling: $30, Average: $23, F 15 A 23 C 30 “Starter Scoop” 1 scoop = $14 “Trio Scoop” 3 scoops = $38 “The Most Popular Scoop” 5 scoops = $63 “Deluxe Scoop”7 scoops = $88 “The Ultimate Scoop”10 scoops = $125 ♡ Items could include: cups, pens, notebooks, sticky notes, socks, brushes,mirrors, keychains, bags, pencils, hand sanitizer spray, purses, wallets, makeup bags & so much more all in a kawaii theme   ♡ Items in scoops will be equal to or greater than the value of the grab bag   ♡ All sales are final and do not accept cancellations please bid responsibly   ♡ Please Note: all items in the grab bag/scoops are a cancellations

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They call me Phan :)formerly known as nhahuongphan! ever see a unicorn twerk?🫰Home of Kawaii Mystery Scoops🤭funko mystery games and demon slayer cards 🔥 Make sure to follow: @funkmastercollectables @vietxqtflame@pop_dac_biet
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Created on 2/19/24