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The Traveler's Guide to Flogoria - Complete Set (Issues 1-6)

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After a freak work accident involving a fishing boat, a supposedly non-existent sea creature, and an interdimensional gateway, anxiety-addled Harry Blandford finds himself stranded on the far-off world of Flogoria. Can he survive long enough to find a way back home? Flogoria shocks Harry out of his comfort zone. He can no longer just blend in with the crowd. He’s exotic, a weirdo, an actual alien! The people he interacts with aren’t just passing acquaintances. His foes are trying to hunt him down, and his allies see him as their only hope. Whether they’re friends or enemies, Harry has become a key part of their lives. Flogoria forces Harry to learn new skills, meet new people, and test himself like never before. Maybe an unexpected adventure on an alien world is just what Harry needs to fulfill his true potential.

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Created on 2/6/24