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Vintage 1996 Indian Run District Winteree Boy Scouts Patch

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Up for sale is a genuine vintage Boy Scout patch, perfect for scouting enthusiasts and collectors. This patch features a classic design and is a piece of Boy Scout history. It's in excellent vintage condition, ready for display or framing. Don't miss the opportunity to add this authentic Boy Scout memorabilia to your collection! * Type: Boy Scout Patch * Design: Classic Boy Scout Logo * Era: Vintage Features: * Authentic vintage Boy Scout patch * Classic design showcasing the Boy Scout emblem * Ideal for Boy Scout enthusiasts, collectors, or scouting memorabilia aficionados * Great addition to your Boy Scout memorabilia collection

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I want to bring you the best items at the best prices. I am always looking for new items to bring to my store. I guarantee that when you buy from me, I will pack your item with care so it will get to you in the best possible condition.
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