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New Moon Potion Hand and Body Scrub, Bath Soak, Crystals, Herbs, Flowers, essential oil

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Affirmation: I reclaim my power and embrace new beginnings Crystal: Obsidian Herb: Marshmallow Root Flower: Daffodil Scent: Melissa (lemon balm) Each of my scrubs is hand crafted with love and devotion. Use this product meaningfully as a part of your self-love or self-care ritual. People who purchase this scrub will receive a video message custom to this scrub blend with further invitation for using mindfully :) Please note: this product is made with almond and coconut oil blends along with a variety of fresh herbs and flowers. Please contact the shop directly if you have any allergens and need a custom scrub.

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Hand and Body Scrub Intuitively selected mixture of herbs, crystals and flowers to initiate, promote and align you with the vibration you seek.
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Created on 1/22/23