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Once you’re approved to go live, you can sell whenever you want! On average, we see sellers that go live sell over $6,000 per month on Whatnot!
Live selling is taking off around the world — tap into Whatnot’s network of 100,000’s of users to grow your business.
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Tools you need to run your business

  • Whatnot has a dedicated support staff to help you and your customers deal with any issues they have using the app or with their orders
  • Our engineering team is always innovating to provide you with the tools you need to manage your business on Whatnot

How things work

Step 1

Get Approved

How things work: You're approved!

Got inventory? A good social following? A history of selling? Apply through the waitlist! Once approved, get access to our amazing seller community and start building your business!

Step 2

Host Your Live Show

How things work: Host Your Live Show

Chat and InteractYou’ll get to engage and connect with your live audience, getting real-time feedback, product suggestions, and maybe even song requests!

Sell your productBecome an auctioneer! Simply set a starting price and time limit for the item you’d like to run and just like that, you’re off! Your audience will get to battle over the bid button until one lucky bidder emerges victorious!

Have a set price in mind instead? No problem. Sell your item as “Buy it Now”, available for any user to purchase at any time throughout your show.

Spice up your show with the giveaway feature! Your viewers will be randomized and one lucky winner will walk away with a product of your choosing.

Step 3

Ship and Get Paid

How things work: Ship and Get Paid
Grab your pre-paid Whatnot shipping labels through your seller dashboard and slap them on a box! Cash out via PayPal or direct deposit.
Tyler Kirkham Profile Image
Whatnot has been absolutely game changing for me! It's been an amazing place to reach new fans and collectors. It's by far the best way to sell comics and collectibles online. The format and community makes it extremely exciting and engaging for sellers and buyers!
Tyler Kirkham - Artist

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What are the fees?
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Examples of items sold on Whatnot: LEGO, vintage t-shirts, sports trading cards

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Examples of items sold on Whatnot: Designer toys, Funko Pops
Examples of items sold on Whatnot: LEGO, vintage t-shirts, sports trading cards, Designer toys, Funko Pops
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